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warm audio gearslutz

Warm Audio introduces WA-87 R2: Updated And Upgraded - Gearslutz. There's a single input transformer, but two output transformers can be swapped at the flick of a switch. Warm Audio is the brainchild of engineer Bryce Young and the company is renowned for their recreations of classic recording gear such as the EQP-WA equaliser and the WA76 and WA-2A compressors (the latter two reviewed in Audio Media International)-I’m sure you can work out which particular vintage hardware they are based on by their model numbers. The Warm Audio WA-251 is a faithful replica of the classic ’251-style large-diaphragm condenser microphone. Another Option from Warm Audio: WA-47jr. The WA-14 is built with premium components such as the LK-12-B-60V Lens Kondensator (a high-quality reproduction of the coveted vintage CK12 capsule) and a genuine USA-made Cinemag output transformer. TB12 Tone Beast Black . The discrete X520 op-amp is a reproduction of the classic 2520, designed to produce clean, open tones at moderate gain settings, yet able to be driven into mild saturation at higher levels. The “other” popular 47 is the U47 FET, and Warm has also introduced a clone of this microphone, the WA-47jr ($299). In their own words, they manufacture homages to "popular coveted pro-audio equipment", and they now market an extensive roster of preamplifiers, microphones and outboard equipment. Essentially, this is a low gain 12AX7 valve, quite different to the VF14M, but not the first time such valves have been used in U47 style microphones. Additional switches are provided for a 10 dB pad and 70 Hz HPF. IGS Audio, for example, offer the One LA. WA273. AKG C414 EB P48 on the left and Warm Audio WA-14 on the right. Warm Audio specialise in producing budget-friendly versions of iconic recording hardware, cutting as few corners as possible in the process, so perhaps it was inevitable that they'd release their own take on this particular classic. 87-Style Male Vocal Mic Shootout: Warm Audio WA87 vs. Neumann U87Ai vs. Peluso P87. If you would like to troubleshoot a problem or feel your Warm Audio gear needs to be repaired, please contact Warm Audio’s product repair department. WA-412. TB12 500 Tone Beast. For the WA-47, Warm Audio has opted to go an entirely different route, pairing the K47-style capsule with a JJ Sovtek 5751 double triode valve. Products. Warm Audio introduces WA-87 R2: Updated And Upgraded In 2016, we at Warm Audio introduced one of... See more at GEARSLUTZ.COM. WA12 MKII Black. The Warm Audio “WA73 Family” consists of single and dual channel '73-style preamps (with & w/out EQ), that each pay careful homage to British audio history. WA73. Warm Audio products are exclusively made in United States. Share Tweet. Direct Boxes. Warm Audio WA-47jr FET Condenser Microphone against the Peluso 22 47 LE. Guitar/Effects Pedals . WA273-EQ. Overview. TB12 Tone Beast Black. Inputs and outputs are available interchangeably on balanced TRS ¼” and XLR connectors, with the sidechain input on XLR only. In the world of pro audio, Warm Audio is making exceptional gear at a low cost to customers including; microphone preamplifiers, compressors, equalizers and condenser microphones that are designed, developed and tested in-house in Austin Texas. Unlike the U47 FET, the 47jr may be switched between cardioid, omni and figure-8 patterns. Warm Audio WA87. Warm Audio WA-47jr on the left an Peluso 22 47 LE on the right. Warm Audio releases the Foxy Tone Box Guitar Pedal - Gearslutz The new Foxy Tone Box from Warm Audio is a hyper-accurate recreation of one of the most sought-after and beloved fuzz pedals of all time - used in the early seventies by legendary tone masters Billy Gibbons and Peter Frampton, and in the present day by fo The Set Up, Sources and Testing. Microphone Preamps. So whether you're looking for classic compressors, sweet preamps, timeless mics, or other gems, Sweetwater is happy to point you in the direction of Warm Audio. WA12 MKII. Microphone … WA12 500 MKII. The build and sound quality for the price are superb. Several months after the release of the Warm Audio EQP, British designer Klark Teknik announced they were also going to release an EQP-KT model for the same price as the Warm Audio product. Warm Audio introduces WA-87 R2: Updated And Upgraded - Gearslutz. As an analog replica, Warm Audio once again have done a pretty impressive job, especially considering the low cost compared to an original Pultec from 1971. WA73-EQ. Alternatives. Warm Audio was founded in 2011 "in the garage" upon a simple principle, which was to build sonically high-end recording products, but to also make them affordable to the everyday musician and recording engineer. Setting up the Warm Audio Bus Compressor is a fairly standard affair, with a beefy internal power supply fed by the included IEC cable. Foxy Tone Box. Introducing the Direct Box Active, Direct Box Passive and the Bus-Comp 2 Channel VCA Bus Compressor by Warm Audio. (512) 348-6585 [email protected] Home. Obviously, Universal Audio continue to make a version of the LA-2A, and various manufacturers make similar units. TB12 500 Tone Beast. Questions about Warm Audio products? Gearslutz Gearslutz Pad Wav | Free-Loops. (Edit: This video is a new version of a prior video. Products. The KT model made an uneventful entry in the market place and after a very short time Klark Teknik reduced the price, first to $499 and then to the unbelievable price of $299 each. Warm Audio are a relatively new Texas-based company who have set out to produce a world-class preamp for rather less than a world-class price. WA273. Warm audio wa87 gearslutz. The WA73 preamp pays homage to the legendary Neve 1073 preamp; handwired with carefully selected components so that the sonic performance is true to the original. Guitar/Effects Pedals. Jet Phaser. In this shootout, we’ve rounded up 3 of our favorite 87-style mics and put them head to head on male vocals with a little help from pro audio specialist Marc Kuzio. This extends from Warm Audio's most compact 500 Series mic pre to their super-cool vintage-style microphones. WA-412. Warm Audio WA-47 on the left and Peluso 22 47 LEon the right. The Warm Audio WA87 is a winner compared to other microphones such as the Neumann TLM 103. It is presented as a new all-purpose studio mic, with a more neutral voicing than the popular TLM 103. it's a very hard thing to believe that a mike like the U87 that is about $2000. WA-67 . WA73. When we at Warm Audio decided to release the WA73-EQ it was imperative that it met vintage expectation in both design and performance. Above all else, Warm Audio capsules came from the desire to give customers far more quality/value than what they are used to getting in an affordable microphone. It's a fantastic all-purpose studio microphone for advanced setups. Microphone Preamps. Microphones. Warm Audio kindly sent me one of the first available units for evaluation, and I was keen to find out both how it compared with a real Pultec unit and, more generally, what quality of EQ you get for this apparently bargain price. The frequency response of the WA87 is from 20 hz – 20k hz max SPL. Upgrade your studio with a variety of affordable microphone preamps by Warm Audio. Based on our own studies with other replicas of classic gear we think that if you could track down similar transformers to the original spec Pultec transformers you would get the Warm EQP-WA sounding even closer overall. They've based their debut product, the WA12, on the popular old API 312 preamp design — in fact, they feel that it's close enough to the original that on their web site they're able to call it a 312 'clone'. Direct Boxes. Warm Audio are hardly the first to copy the one-inch, centre-terminated, dual-backplate capsule Neumann developed for the U67 and related microphones: the design has been a staple of Far Eastern mic manufacture ever since companies like Rode first brought affordable capacitor mics to market in the ’90s. WA-47. (512) 348-6585 [email protected] Home. WA-47jr. The original, introduced in 1960, is reverentially considered to be one of the most gorgeous-sounding mics ever made. Foxy Tone Box. The WA (Warm Audio) brand of capsule is the result of several years of research, a lifetime of listening, and a passion for great sound. Products. … Neumann U87 Ai on the left and Warm Audio WA-87 on the right. The wallet-friendly Warm Audio shows off their newest wares for 2017, including the WA-12 preamp, the WA-12 mkII 500-series module and the WA-87 studio microphone! It’s commonly used in recording studios for voice-overs, music, and live radio due to its range. With in the bass frequencies and the mid range frequencies, the WA87 is also better then the TLM 103. The result is the WA73-EQ, which, as the name suggests, is a recreation of the Neve 1073 mic, line and instrument preamp and features an EQ section too. WA273-EQ. Recording Advice | Gear Shootouts, Neumann, Peluso Microphones, Warm Audio. English (US) Español; … (512) 348-6585 [email protected] Home. Warm Audio have equipped the TB12 with no fewer than three high-quality American-made Cinemag transformers, one of which is a custom design, tailored to Warm Audio's specification. However, if you're still looking for something to capture the essence of classic hardware in your studio, Warm Audio gear is a perfect alternative. Warm Audio worked closely with Altran to create these, using a vintage winding technique to get the larger-than-life API sound. If it doesn’t say. Foxy Tone Box. Warm Audio doesn't cut corners on components, but they do order parts and build in quantity, which keeps costs down and delivers amazing value. The WA87 is a reproduction of the classic U87 but at a quarter of the cost. From a total of 38 Warm Audio products 32 are directly available and 3 offers are in our current Hot Deals. WA12 500 … 102 Cardioid MT TLM 102 vs #103 #4330234186. Warm Audio were started 'in the garage' in 2011 by Bryce Young, out of a desire to manufacture sonically high-end products that are also affordable. Jet Phaser. WA73-EQ. The WA87 has the same clarity that a Neumann TLM 103 offers but it cuts out the harshness in the high end making it more superior! Available in stores January 2020! WA12 MKII. Questions about Warm Audio products? Gearslutz Community Best DAW 2020 to migrate to from Pro-tools Arturia Poly Brute Warm Audio introduces WA-87 R2: Updated And Upgraded Empirical Labs announces availability of its BIG FrEQ plug-in Waves Audio Introduces V12 Maschine standalone - Maschine+ is here! We've been selling Warm Audio products since 2013, so for over 7 year(s). I’m sure Warm Audio will shift more than a few units to professional studios too. Guitar/Effects Pedals. Rack it up, plug it in, flip the switch on the front panel and the Bus-Comp is ready to go to work. Jet Phaser. Direct Boxes. Black Lion Audio's Seventeen FET compressor goes head to head with Warm Audio's WA76.

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