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stihl ms 250 review

Light weight(3.9 kg) allows you to work with a chainsaw STIHL MS 180, for a very long time with ease. Bought this a year ago. Not to mention very fuel temperamental. So easy to start even after shoulder surgery! It seems like the farther you get from home, the less likely it is to start. Chain-tightening dial is poorly designed. There’s a good trade in used Stihl MS 250 machines alive and well on Ebay, check out the prices before you invest in a brand new machine. As I was cutting, it ... slowly bogged down and died. The Stihl MS250 and MS251 are both great. There's always something to cut and the Stihl Wood Boss is up to the task. Boggy acting and wouldn't run past half throttle. SAVE $ 60.00 STIHL 2 YEAR HOMEOWNER WARRANTY. easy start, and tool less chain and bar adjust, what's not to love! The Stihl 251 does not use this construction type, it's a plastic clam shell design. For twice the price I have a saw that won't start. Forums Log in. So both Stihl and the Dealer at Red Bluff Power in Red Bluff California stabbed me in the back and stole 300.00 bucks plus tax from me and left me with a sissy chainsaw that can't cut dry oak . Big mistake! The most powerful among all the STIHL occasional use chain saws, the STIHL MS 250 is perfect for demanding homeowners who are looking for something light yet perfectly capable of heavy-duty work. Normally have owned Poulans and thought I'd upgrade. Fits: Stihl MS250 chainsaw. What they don’t realize is that no homeowner uses the full capacity of their chain saw all the time. I've had this saw for 8 years.. Register. 18" BAR. Write a review on! From the first day I purchased it from Taylor's Do It store it was difficult to start. It starts quickly, cuts quickly and smoothly and makes easy work of removing tree … Further details in the disclaimer. It is easy to operate and combines great features to take care of clearing jobs as well as cut through small limbs and trees. Spending an extra couple of hundred dollars on something that , if it goes wrong, could deliver serious injuries...seems like money well spent and 2. keep it sharp...invest in a tungsten chain if you can...with chainsaws sharpness is actually safety. STIHL’s most innovative occasional use chainsaw now includes "Comfort" features such as the ErgoStart (E) system, making the MS 250 C-BE the most versatile in its series. This particular saw is made for professional use in areas where exhaust fumes and tons of noise aren’t acceptable. From the first day I purchased it from Taylor's Do It store it was difficult to start. I've had this saw for 8 years.. Update bought a $30 barrel and piston from China on ebay, The chainsaw starts and runs better than it ever did. I contacted Stihl and they said that it was up to the dealer whether or not to honor the promise of return , he did not . As far as I'm concerned there should be a class action lawsuit against Stihl because of this flawed product. Walbro WT-215, Walbro WT-286, Zama C1Q-S75, Zama C1Q-S76, Zama C1Q-S77. No need to spend $1000 on overpriced parts. The thought occurred to me that I could have bought a Poulan a little bigger sized for half the money and gotten a few years of use out of it before it quit the way this Stihl has. Big mistake! Stihl should be ashamed of the rubbish I was told couldn't be beaten. Purchased in June 2018 at Taylors Do It for A$349.00. Before making the investment, you should carefully analyze these differences. Only thing I don't like about it is the chain tensioner, which needs tightening the chain too often (at least a couple of times per tank of fuel). (895 reviews) When you rely on firewood to keep your home warm and cozy, you need a good chainsaw to build a solid woodpile. This is a public forum presenting user opinions on selected products and businesses, and as such the views expressed do not reflect the opinion of These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links. NEVER BY A STIHL. As I was cutting, it ...Read more. Yes sometimes the sprocket gets jammed in the nose, but mainly when cutting green wood or wood with thick bark like Wandoo! I'll start by saying I have owned numerous Stihl products, three blowers and two trimmers. It would appear that a cheap Bunnings chainsaw would have lasted longer. Stihl MS 251 Chainsaw. Stihl billed the MS260 as a robust chainsaw for forestry work. They’re powerful, efficient and capable of getting the job done right.Just remember that they’re different in one way or another. Been to dealer who finally showed me the trick but if its cold you might as well forget it. Visit your nearest STIHL Dealer for more information. Ran it sunday for 3 mins. I have owned Stihl saws for the last 11 years. See the Best Petrol Chainsaws in 2020 as rated by Australians on As others have stated this is terrible to start. Some people have the notion that a heavyweight chain saw with greater power output would be a better investment as it can perform heavier tasks. Great performance. Managed vibration. I bought it new and Its been returned for service due to not starting, no spark, bogging down, loss of power, bar replacement due to wear and front sprocket, broken/stripped bar studs, oil cap is junk. Trying to pick the best Stihl chainsaw is a dangerous task in this day and age, people get very protective of there purchases. The first time it completely died I installed a new carburetor and it ran great, for 30 minutes. Hope my just new purchased Stihl FS 460C-EM clearing saw holds up a little bit longer! In my opinion, the best Stihl chainsaw model is the MS 250. To be fair , Stihl has now had me take the saw to a different dealer as the one who sold the saw to me pretended that he worked on the saw and that there was nothing wrong with it but once again, when I got it to the job site it just choked out and smoked when i started it then died and would not start . My Stihl MS250c which has had very little use over the 8 years [only domestic use too] that I have had it, still on original chain and bar was sent for service account stopped while cutting and I've been told that $700 for after market parts or over $1000 for genuine parts to be repaired. Had it in to the dealer 3 months ago to get it started, read all the tips I could online since then, but after sitting (with e-free, high quality gas) for 30 days, will not start again. Since many mothers tend to spout selfless phrases like ‘please don’t spend any money on me,’ Christmas is a great opportunity to spoil your Mum. Extremely disappointed customer! The easy start system works well for me. I have the same Stihl MS 250 & love it. The 20/24" Farm Boss and the little MS 180 . As others have said they flood super easily. But whatever you buy I have 2 bits of information. The saw's light weight and good balance make it easy to handle when you're hunched over, cutting stumps or pruning at an odd … The MS 250 is well known for it’s durability and this is reflected in a strong used price point. The 20/24" Farm Boss and the little MS 180 . I purchased a Stihl MS250 around 2 years ago just needed it for small jobs. The only real problem has been pinching the bar but that's hardly the saws fault! I've paid double what the saw costs in repairs in the last 8 years. or White gum from Western Australia. was told that I was cutting too hard of wood for that saw ?!???!! The MS 251 C-BE is perfect for felling small trees, pruning and thinning, and … The MS 250 is so nimble that it can be easily maneuvered this way and that in order to reach branches sitting at odd angles. Exhaust discolors the chain adjustment cover. You are better off saving your money and buy yourself an Ax. Best Stihl Chainsaw Model The Stihl MS 250 Chainsaw. He is saying that the air filter ( the second one in less than SIX HOURS USE ) looks like it was plugged. For many years, the MS 250 … Waste of time and money. I sold the Farm Boss because of the weight some time back so I went online to see what people thought about the MS250 before I bought one. By the time I get it running I'm too tired to cut wood. Buyers should also take note that the STIHL MS 250 is an improved version of the MS 230. What an absolute waste of money for a paperweight. Strangely enough just looking for the reviews of the 250 seem to bring good reviews so I bought one and have been disappointed by the saw, the dealer and Stihl . I have owned this saw for over 10 years and have used it very hard (cutting over 300 ironbark fence posts) together with general tree dropping and cleanup. Easy starting. Mine has an 18 in bar on it that has been replaced already. I know it and how it goes...we work together like old friends. I've had my MS250 for about 10 years. It starts in 6 pulls when it starts. have had this saw since new and love it! Check out all user reviews on the MS 250 … Absorbs vibration well, making it easier to use for longer. I assume I have maybe 20 hours in total on it but suddenly it wouldn't start again. 5. The 250 …

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